I was interviewed on the TimStodz.FM podcast!

Episode 17

jax timstodz podcast

In this week’s episode, I sat down and had an awesome conversation with my friend, Jacqueline Pfeffer. Jax is the owner of JuiceBuzz, which is a successful juice and smoothie shop based out of Delray Beach Florida.

The competition in the organic juice industry is high, and Jax has maintained her steady flow of customers by focusing on customer experience and following her passion for spreading health and vitality through her products. We talk about what has given her an advantage over her competition, how it feels to be a boss and some other personal challenges she has had while running a business.

Jax and I also talked about other interesting topics. For instance, Jax did a 10 day silent meditation retreat, in which she wasn’t allowed to speak, read or write the entire time. I really admire Jax’s self awareness and willingness to be reflective in her own behavior so that she can constantly improve.

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