JuiceBuzz Offers 3 Different Reboot Options:

  1. Queen Bee - 6 Juices, 1 Shot
  2. Bumble Bee - 5 Juices, 1 Shots, 1 Raw Soup
  3. Honey Bee - 4 Juices, 1 Salad, 1 Raw Soup, 1 Shot

A JuiceBuzz Reboot can help you:

  • Detoxify, regenerate & reset the body to improve your health
  • Maintain and support a healthy immune system
  • Gain more mental focus and clarity
  • Flood the body with a lot of vitamins and powerful antioxidants, allowing the skin to glow and radiate
  • Feel lighter on your feet and cleaner within
  • Amplify organic energy
  • Create better sleeping habits
  • Discover long-lasting benefits: healthy psychological connection with the body and food, transform cravings or habits and live an overall more balanced life
  • Provide improved pH balance
  • Feel a healthier and better version of yourself

How do you know if a JuiceBuzz Reboot is for you?

There is no doubt that we can all use a Reboot at some time in our life. Whether trying to reach a goal, start a new health regimen, kick unhealthy habits or just to maintain health, our bodies NEED the time to rest while these powerful nutrients take the necessary time to reboot our bodies.

“Do you”…

  • Want to optimize digestive health?
  • Want to feel refreshed and recharged?
  • Crave more energy or mental clarity?
  • Suffer from skin conditions or food allergies?
  • Wish to restart, detoxify or heal?
  • Experience hormone imbalances?

JuiceBuzz Reboot Customer Guide

During a JuiceBuzz Reboot, the body is given the space and time to self-digest and expel any toxic materials, including fat deposits as well as damaged tissues and cells that can be causing imbalances to the body.

*Please note that any pregnant or nursing mother should not use the JuiceBuzz Reboot program, but can enjoy any JuiceBuzz smoothies or ready-made foods.

The theory behind a JuiceBuzz Reboot & juice cleansing:

Every day we are exposed to factors that can rework our health whether it is in the foods we consume or the environment we live. Most of our everyday foods are processed, which can be extremely hazardous to the body. The added hazards or toxins latch onto the cell walls in our bodies, causing disharmony between the organs. A JuiceBuzz Reboot can positively augment your body!

The transition begins when your body is given the time to rest from eating solid food and nourishes with cold-pressed and fiber-less juice. During the process of juice cleansing, toxins roaming or stuck in your body can more efficiently, yet gently be released. Rebooting your system can help harmonize the liver, kidneys and colon, as well as reset your entire body on a cellular level. Also, any toxins blocking the tissues can metabolize and flush from your body during the Reboot process.

A JuiceBuzz Reboot may positively assist you in a myriad of ways:  amplified energy, brighter skin tone, healthier mind-set, balanced sleeping patterns, weight loss, overall body detox, ultimate health and more!

How the JuiceBuzz Reboot Works:

It is best to think of the JuiceBuzz Reboot to be successfully completed in three simple steps:

Step One: Pre-boot the body by eating mostly plant-based foods for 2-4+ days before the JuiceBuzz Reboot.  The longer the pre-boot, the easier you should find the JuiceBuzz Reboot experience. Eating mostly plant-based foods will prepare your body for the Reboot with little to no shock to the body.

Step Two: Determine or chose which Reboot is right for you!.

It is highly suggested that you drink a lot of water (spring, mineral, alkaline or filtered) throughout the day (half your body weight in ounces). Flooding your body with just organic and cold-pressed juice allows you to more effectively use energy that was once used to breakdown heavy solid foods, gathering up and releasing stored toxins. You may find the first 1-2 days to be the most challenging.

Step Three:  Prepare your body for the real world again. Before jumping into a ‘normal diet’ (a full plate of meat and potatoes, for example), it is best to follow the pre-boot guidelines for up to three days after completing the JuiceBuzz Reboot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

During any juice cleanse program you might experience discomfort the first 1-2 days. Here at JuiceBuzz, we are available to support you during any time of your JuiceBuzz Reboot.

Please see some common experiences or concerns one can experience during a juice cleanse:

  • Cravings or feelings of hunger:  first try to chew your juice. The chewing aids digestion and gives more time for the enzymes to breakdown stored carbohydrates.
  • Need to eat or add snacks: best options are raw cucumber, avocado, celery, carrots, or bell peppers. Make sure that you chew these solids foods very well!
  • Workout worry: if you currently have a rigid workout routine, you may want to take it easy for the next few days. It is best to go for a relaxing walk outside every day (being around nature or the beach, which can help calm the mind), take the time to stretch and open your body or take a yin yoga class.
  • Difficulty to relax the mind & body: take an Epsom salt bath (you can add essential oils!), listen to gentle music, put on a face mask (if available), read a book, write in a journal or watch a documentary. Affirmations are also important. The thoughts we think in our mind or say aloud are reached on a cellular level. We must be kind and honor our mind & body.
  • Digestive Issues: the stronger and longer you follow the pre-boot program, the less likely any discomfort can occur. If this happens, it will be at the beginning of the JuiceBuzz Reboot while all of the sedentary and stored toxins are being lifted for removal. Drink plenty of water (spring, mineral, alkaline, or filtered) to help flush this process.
  • Headaches, nausea, dizziness, faint or fatigue: this does not happen to most, but can happen. The stronger and longer you follow the pre-boot program, the less likely any discomfort can occur. If this happens it will be in the beginning of the JuiceBuzz Reboot while all of the sedentary and stored toxins are being lifted for removal. Remember, drink plenty of water!

HAPPY JUICEBUZZ REBOOTING! The JuiceBuzz team wishes you continuous health and love!


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