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JuiceBuzz MRKT in Delray Beach Expands to Include All-Natural Market

After five years of serving up cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and acai bowls, fans of JuiceBuzz can now explore its MRKT expansion.

Just next door, MRKT is a hub for eco-friendly home accessories, skin and body care products, cleaning supplies, organic produce, supplements, and more.

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JuiceBuzz has been serving the Delray community as the first dedicated organic cold press juice and smoothie bar since July 2013. This summer JuiceBuzz will be expanding its juicery by having a boutique market next door!

The market will sell organic produce, supplements, superfoods, skincare, household items, artisanal snacks and various healthy consciously chosen items.

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5 of Our Favorite Dining Deals from Delray Restaurant Week 2018

Give your immune system a boost with a trip to Delray’s health-conscious café, JuiceBuzz. Co-owners—and sisters—Jacqueline and Jessica Pfeffer believe healthy eating is an essential aspect of a happy life. Menu items focus on nourishing, replenishing, and satisfying creations.

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Delray Beach’s JuiceBuzz Expands Into A Holistic Market

A fellow soul sister walking the path of love, health, and mindful living.

After five years of business, Delray Beach JuiceBuzz has expanded, with the opening of a new holistic market next door to its popular juice shop, and has rebranded as JuiceBuzz MRKT+Juicery.

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NEW openings in Delray: Doughnut shop, ramen eatery, juice bar

There are a few new places to nosh in downtown Delray Beach.

Among the additions to Delray Beach’s bustling Atlantic Avenue: An artisanal doughnut shop, a ramen restaurant and a healthy juicery.

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Meet Shiny Soul Jacqueline

A fellow soul sister walking the path of love, health, and mindful living.

Jacqueline and I met years ago when I was living in Florida and instantly fell in love.

Her infectious laugh, contagious spirit, and wild curly hair are just some of the many reasons why it’s so easy to fall in love with her.

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Palm Beach Post

The uber-healthy Delray Beach juice bar, where juice is just one component of a holistic lifestyle (the shop hosts wellness talks and demos), is celebrating its one-year anniversary Saturday.

That means free juice shooters and gluten-free brownie bites during the daylong celebration (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

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Best of Delray Beach

With January behind us, most of our New Year’s Resolutions are beginning to waver; if you—like many of us at Mizner Residential Realty—have found yourself starting to lose steam in getting healthier, there are a lot of great places in Delray Beach to give yourself a boost.

Whether you’re looking for a way to change up your workouts or a nutritious drink to keep your energy up, there are tons of options; but of course, some options are better than others, even in the competitive Delray Beach atmosphere.

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Kelly Broadcasts America

Maya and I take a brisk morning walk, my favorite daily activity these days, and talk about our desire to live better by eating better.

It turns out Maya is on a juicing, smoothing, vegan-ing kick right now to cleanse her body and I am excited to join her for two days. She makes me an incredible smoothie after our walk and takes me to Delray Beach for an afternoon Juice Buzz.

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6 Reasons An Acai Bowl Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

6 Reasons An Acai Bowl Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

If you've caught on to the trend of eating acai berries to keep healthy, you've probably incorporated having an acai bowl every day into your meal plan.

For those who aren't familiar with these, acai bowls are blended berries, served as a smoothie, in a bowl. Typically eaten for breakfast - but can certainly be eaten at any time of the day - this is a quick, easy and nutritious meal.

Plenty of healthy ingredients can be added to this too, mixing up the flavor.

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5 Healing Herbs to Add to Your DIY Health Tonics

Are you interested in herbal remedies? If so, you're not alone. Nearly 18 percent of Americans use herbal supplements to treat all kinds of ailments.

Whether you're looking to cure a cold or improve your cognition and mental clarity, there are lots of herbs out there that taste delicious and have a number of great health benefits.

Listed below are five incredible healing herbs you can add to your DIY health tonics for a powerful nutrient boost!

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8 Benefits of Incorporating Spinach Juice into Your Daily Diet

Everyone knows that spinach is good for you. But do you know exactly what spinach juice can do for your health? Here are some of the most impressive benefits.

It wasn't until 1806 when Americans got their first introduction to the leafy-green goodness that is spinach. Over time, it's become such a revered vegetable that March 26th is known as National Spinach Day.

Recently, people are focusing on the benefits of spinach juice. On an empty stomach, spinach juice is a great way to jumpstart your day.

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10 Life Enhancing Benefits of Essential Oils

Many people are abuzz about the medicinal and healing properties of essential oils, seeing as the essential oils market is booming with an annual projected growth rate of 8.4%.

A variety of ancient civilizations used essential oils for many of the same purposes we now use them today. In a way, we are simply rediscovering their worth.

It's no wonder so many people are adopting them for daily use. Bristling with such a sweeping range of life-enhancing benefits, essential oils are more than just a fad.

Whether you're looking to invigorate your thought processes, improve your sleep, or simply freshen up the house with a natural alternative, here are ten benefits of essential oils that can empower your daily life.

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Toothpaste is a necessity for strong, healthy teeth. But do you know what’s in the paste you normally buy? Check out these benefits for natural toothpaste.

If you’ve been considering switching to natural toothpaste, but having some doubts, you might want to think again. Natural toothpaste has a ton of benefits that will keep your teeth strong and healthy. Keep reading for more information.

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It's Tea Time: The Healthiest Teas You Need to Be Drinking

Are you looking for a tea that's healthy for your body? If so, check out this guide to learn about the healthiest teas.

As a tea drinker, you’re often overwhelmed with the many types of tea. There’s black, green, yellow, even a curious type named Oolong.

Each tea has a different taste, consistency, and color. They even encompass different benefits.

However, the most important question to ask is which ones are the healthiest?

The healthiest teas contain good-for-you antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. Curious to know which ones are right for you?

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best fruit for breakfast

The Best Fruit for Breakfast: 10 Power-Packed Fruits to Juice to Jumpstart Your Day

Juicing is like tasting the rainbow, but with added health benefits.

Over 88% of people don't get enough fruits in their diet. So juicing is a simple and delicious way to make up for this.

Having a fresh-pressed juice first thing in the morning will help spur the digestive system and provide an energy boost. The best fruit for breakfast also gets packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So, which fruits should you be throwing into the juicer?

Here at the 10 best superfruits to juice for a dose of morning fuel.

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8 Benefits of Incorporating Spinach Juice into Your Daily Diet

It’s as the old saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, you need to start your day off right with something that’s healthy and can give you the energy boost you need to get through your long day.

When you think healthy you probably think of something that tastes like cardboard but it doesn’t have to be like this. What if we told you that you could have ice cream for breakfast? Okay, so it’s not actually ice cream but it’s just as tasty and has a similar consistency.

We’re talking about smoothie bowls. It’s sort of the same thing that you whip up in a blender and drink with a straw except it’s thick enough to eat with a spoon. If this sounds good to you, keep reading for a few great smoothie bowl recipes that you can try at home.

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Plastic straws are so overrated. Check out these reasons why glass Simply Straws are the way to go!

Boy, are we excited to talk straws. They’re not just for little tykes and sippy cups. Straws are great for adults who are looking to protect their teeth and drink with ease.

Not too long ago, we discovered Simply Straws. The world is evolving from plastic straws, to paper straws, to glass straws. And Simply Straws are a thing of beauty. They come in every color, ready to match each of our favorite juices.

We’d like to pause for a moment to discuss the detriments of plastic. And then share with you why our friends over at Simply Straws are rocking it. Ready to partner up with our beloved Mother Earth?

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Delray Beach’s JuiceBuzz MRKT + JUICERY is consolidating its retail “footprint.” After only one year of its next-door neighbor shops, JuiceBuzz has decided to combine its two stores into one, offering the best of both.

Delray Beach, FL (May 9, 2019) – After serving Delray Beach and the local community organic cold pressed juices, smoothies, and açai bowls for almost 6 years, JuiceBuzz was informed that the lease on their original 6 NE 5th Avenue location (South Federal Highway) will not be extended. Luckily last June, JuiceBuzz expanded into the shop next-door 2 NE 5th Avenue, to open its new concept holistic MRKT which is under a different landlord and lease.

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benefits to turmeric

Taking On Turmeric: Your Guide to the Top Health Benefits of Turmeric

There's a lot of buzz out there about turmeric. Read this guide to learn about the top health benefits of turmeric.

Curious to know about that orangey-yellow spice known as turmeric? It adds a bold flavor to dishes like curry and is constantly used in Indian cuisine.

But unbeknownst to some, this spice has been around for centuries—dating back 4,000 years to be exact. It has an extensive history of being used for medicinal purposes, only now has modern medicine recognized.

Thanks to this discovery, over 3,000 publications mentioning turmeric has come out within the last 25 years.

All this information probably has you questioning the benefits of turmeric, right? To find out what they are, keep reading!

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